Saturday, July 16, 2016

A Reader Sends... "Atomic Annie 1967 Ft Sill".. Updated..

(ETA....Anon noted in the comments that the picture below is not Atomic Annie.
Reader Terry followed up in the comments )

"Here is a pic of my younger brother on Atomic Annie at Ft Sill, OK when he was in the artillery officer candidate school. 
Probably 1967, he was in Vietnam in 1968."

 This is Atomic Annie:


  1. Wonderful photograph! Thankful for his service!

  2. Sorry, but the gun in the photo is not the "Atomic cannon"; rather it is a WWII-era 240mm gun.

  3. Hi anon, Ill send him an email for clarification.

    1. I think anon is correct, I was mistaken. Tried to call by brother but he is out of cell range. I found other photos on the net and they didn't look the same. Sorry for the confusion.
      Old age isn't for sissies.

  4. atomic cannon was 240mm fort sill Ok. 1968 MOS 13A10

  5. My dad had a company at Sill w/ two 280 mm 'Atomic Canons'. They were deployed to Okinawa in 1956, there they proven to be too 'unmanageable' in the field but was a great attention getter to China & Korea. I was 7 years old and spent two years there, what a great time!

    Tim in FL.

  6. Yes, the "Atomic Annie" fired a 280mm projectile. There was is at least one 240mm in Vietnam. One was positioned at a location I knew as Tuy Hoa North in late '67 early '68. Surely there were other 240s in-country but I don't know where they were. The cannon was mobile but the one I saw was not "motorized."


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