Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Armed Or Unarmed?.. Camera Footage. GRAPHIC WARNING.. How Quick Can You Make A Decision?


  1. Wow.
    Good vid.
    Never been treated well by any cops, so not a big fan. But good vid.

  2. Cop trainee: "So, what yer sayin' is, every "civilian" I meet is gonna to try to kill me? Well, why don't we just disarm all the "civilians", and then our job'll be easier and we'll be safer?"

  3. Maybe they should limit the revenooooin traffic stops, might be a way to stay healthier. Stage drivers back in the day faced the same situations from the highwaymen/ thieves/ robbers. If there isn't a true victim, don't poke a hornets nest, just because 'it's the law.' Back to the days of officer friendly would be a start.........Soapweed


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