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Thursday, July 14, 2016

At Least 84 Killed In Nice France, 50 Injured By Terrorist During Bastille Day Celebration Including Ten Children As Attacker Shouted Allah Akbahr

In a knee-jerk reaction  to this attack,  President Ovomit (who refuses to acknowledge ISIS, Islam, etc.) and Presidential hopeful Hitlery both called for tighter gun control measures in America stating that there needs to be universal background checks, abolishing of the gun show loophole, banning of semi-auto "high powered rifles" and any and all forms of assault weapons as well as "high capacity magazines". Also, the democrap duo stated Amerika needs to implement a "National Police Force" and it should be patterned after the GESTAPO of NAZI Germany. This alone would have prevented this latest attack according to Hitlery.  The Kenyan-in-chief was adamant that certain types of trucks need to be banned along with some heavy pick-ups and larger  eight cylinder cars . This would not only curtail this type of lone wolf violence, but it would go a long way to help the environment and reverse the effects of global warming. The champions of socialism both agreed that the proliferation of guns of all types inside the United States of Amerika was the root cause for this attack. Ovomit said "young Arabs around the world are mad as hell about the number of guns in Amerika and they are not going to take it anymore and I don't blame them"! In a closing statement the president invited all of the relatives of the persons who participated directly in the attack to the White House next week for a barbecue.  Many BLM protesters who had planned to attend the cookout have gone on record saying they will protest the fact that pork will not be served and said that the president is favoring the jihadist.

In all seriousness, the President and Hillary support bringing more Syrian "refugees" to America and possibly to a neighborhood near you. Isn't this the same Trojan Horse ruse that got the majority of these savages to Europe?


  1. Pretty accurate reporting there, Jeffery. Wait. This isn't TRUE???? It's what I expect from those retards.

  2. I have already commented on Knuckledraggins site. We are at WAR!
    When are our so called leaders going to bite the bullet and accept that we must retaliate, hard and with brutal finality? Are they so wedded to supplying oil to our economy's that they are willing to sacrifice a few civilians? Happy Bastille Day Mes amis.

  3. You had me completely until I got to, "in all seriousness"


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