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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

From The "Back of The Class" Learning.....


  1. Hi Irish,
    (response to the foto) "WHAT IF???????" You are Deaf and you can't hear what he is saying??(Been around any CH-46 Chopper's when they are turning up and you don't have any hearing protection, it's like someone sticking the tip of an electric drill IN YER' EAR!! 'Say What??) ...You don't speak his language and don't understand him???...You have arthritis up the yin yang and trying to get down on your knees (they like that!!) takes you about a half an hour and then try to get up!! (That's me to a "T" after 300 "Crash and Burn!!!" 28'C-9, 7-TU landings!! not to mention the 500+ Para-Commander landings many not so graceful!!!) They want you to be a Prima Ballerina or one of those sexy gymnasts in the painted on suits that everyone drools over during the Oily-lmpics!!! Sorry, that ain't "Reality!!!" So I guess I'll just have to get Shot for not moving fast enough!!! Just somethin' to think about?? Remember the guy from India visiting family in Alabama and out walking on the sidewalk near the house??? Poor bastard had no clue!!!....neither did the cop!! The City "PAID!!!!" Or I should say the "TAX PAYERS" Paid!!
    When Cops start pointing Guns and Yelling and Screaming Bloody Murder,"WHO?????" is going to think rationally and quick?? Just sayin?? The way it is anymore, ya' have to take a College Credit Course on "How to Interact with law Enforcement to keep from getting Shot" and Pass with at least a 85% or "YOU FAIL!!" Your Failure will be your DEATH!!
    'Hate to be such an ASSHOLE about all this but after having been around the patch a few times in the old Tiger Moth, shot a few "Touch and Go's" in the old 7AC Airknocker and done a few Dives from a few not-so-perfectly-good-airplanes, all this is just the observation of a really old Fart Skydiver!! 'Haven't had an encounter with a LEO in a few years but that was when I could still move!! I can't so much any more!! Thank you Jesus I have a Stiletto 190 to Skydive with!! It opens like a "Powderpuff!! and lands like "Creampuff!!" If I still had to jump the "C-9" the sound of me landing would be like dropping a bushel basket of old engine parts from 30 feet!! But?? Dealing with LEO is another story!!! 'Druther have a High Speed "Spinning and Thrashing!!!" Mal at 2 Grand, 'Chop!!, get tossed into a couple of spinning back loops!! and try to get stable!! before ya' dump yer' reserve and hopefully get under a good canopy by a Grand!! At which time ya' take yer Goggles and pull them away from yer' face to dump out all the sweat!! "Been there, done that "AND" got the T-Shirt!!!!!" As for dealing with LEO's, fortunately I've been Lucky!! Trouble is ya' never know...........if ya' get stopped and he comes to your car with gun drawn, when you "first" see him all you have to do is "Freak!!" just uncontrollably "Twitch!!!" one time ................ and YOU ARE DEAD!!!!
    Sorry about the Rant, But anymore I can't help but wonder??
    Remember, all the Nazi's that were Hanged at Nuremberg were,"Just Following ORDERS!!!!!!!!!"
    I leave you with that,
    Audentes, Fortuna, Juvat!!!,

    1. G morning Skybill. No worries about ranting here :).

      I understand your points and I remember some of the incidents you mention.

      My interaction with LEO has been for revenue collection only. ( speeding or yellow vs red light) incidents. I have always tried to stay far and away from any up close and personal conversations with cops. The few times that I have been "fortunate" enough to draw their attention has been handled by my hands on the steering wheel. At night, I turn on the interior lights and yes sir, no sir answers to minimize my exposure to any issues.

      I am also fortunate to live in an area that is relatively "safe" ( for now ).

      The Cops nowadays seem to be trained with an us vs. them attitude and the upgrade with all the military surplus isn't helping.

      Fly under the radar.. that's my motto :)


    2. Hi Irish,
      I hear ya' about "Flying under the Radar!!!!!!"


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