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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Bill Whittle Skewers Hillary......

From AFOI....

** Bill Whittle skewers Hellary.  But he's right - she doesn't care.  She and the Dems have The People pegged.

But - and I'm opining here - it's worse than you think.

Rome fell, not because of the Visigoths, but because the corruption of the Roman government became so apparent, so clear, that the average Roman finally understood Rome - as they knew it and envisioned it - was gone... and therefore not worth defending any more.  I think, in light
of the Cloward-Piven strategy, the openly-stated desire of Barackus' mentor Bill Ayers to see America fall, the openly-stated desire of Barackus' owner, George Soros, to destroy America... that they are rubbing our noses in this to make this happen again.  They WANT to see
America fall, and the best way to do that is to make Americans no longer believe in America.

They've infested our schools for decades, cranking out generation after generation of indoctrinated precious snowflakes.  They've metastasized into the media, controlling the information flow - and therefore controlling what we believe about the world.  They invaded and conquered the judiciary.  And they have done this with a "Master Plan", formulated in back rooms and secret meetings, and have done so with malice aforethought and clear intent.

This is part of a decades-long plan.  It will not be undone easily.

  I suspect, and I deeply regret having to say this, that it will take actual bloodshed on a large scale to have a prayer of reversing it.

G-d help us all. ..



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  1. Well, she's right. Most of us are cowards. Maybe only half. The rest just have a really long fuse attached to an enormous powderkeg.


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