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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Neck Pain During Situps.....

Neck pain while performing situps occurs when you strain your head and neck to pull the torso upward, instead of using the abdominal muscles. The neck may also strain if you use your back muscles to pull the body upward. Placing your hands behind the head or neck may prompt you to pull on the neck, which increases the risk of neck pain.

 Look at this guy on the beach ... he is definitely showing very improper form ...sheesh


  1. If he was to turn his head to the right it would ease some of that strain. Silly man!

  2. A neck problem can result from sleeping awkwardly and 'cricking' the neck; it can be due to prolonged bad posture such as sitting at a computer or at the wheel of a car; or it can be sudden in onset as a result of suddenly jarring the neck, or from lifting or pushing heavy objects. For more info Read This for more info.


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