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Saturday, January 7, 2012

One Picture Posted and Look What Happened......

The other day I posted a really nice picture that spoke volumes to me. 

One of my readers "CoolChange" ( check out his blog and say HI for me)

said this when he cross posted it on his blog:

"I just want to put my arm around this guy and finish my beer. Maybe let him sip a little of the dregs."

Now it seems one of his friends from "New Zealand" added more :

In that moment, just
before the sun settles
beneath the sea and when
the sky is ablaze with riches,

I wonder if night will capture

these colours. If gold and grey
slip away or stay to lift the dark,
if the waves will still spill over the sand,

if foam will flatten rock. I try

to memorise each salty drop, each
backlit cloud, each moment,
to flourish them forward

flush them through my dreams,

to let them seep their song
deep into my soul. I realise
that there will be other sunsets

I will want to remember. But

this is one I will not forget.

Karen Sweet 2012-01-05
I just find it so amazing that one quick post of a picture that caught my eye suddenly has such a great story to tell and that it touched some people the way it touched me.
Thanks "CoolChange" for giving me a big smile this morning!!! 
and please thank your friend for a beautiful Poem!!!

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