Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Scratching My Head and Asking WTF???

 OldNFO has a post up in regards to recent a law that you will have to show an ID, have your name, address and DOB recorded to buy...... drum roll please.........

Drain Cleaner!!!   thats right in Illinois you will have to submit to the TSA to buy Drain cleaner.

Now I ask you.....  they want you to show an ID to buy Drano but not to vote...Does this make any Farking Sense!!!????

Everything is bassackwards and upside in this country lately...........


  1. I hate this place.

    Another bulls*t law rammed through without any public input or notice. Because ONE PERSON got splashed and burned. And the back story? A jilted lover. Awesome.

    How much longer before these assh*les make us sign and show ID to buy gas? And I can't retire and move for another 15 years. *sigh*

    Do any of you wonder why we are the only state without legal carry?

  2. Last week I had to provide a DNA sample to get next summers block party permit.....

  3. Actually, the meth cooks around here use a lot of Red Devil lye in their "masterpieces."
    Don't know why TSA would be involved in drug manufacturing though.


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