Wednesday, January 4, 2012

...and With This I Jinx Myself and New England!

No one here has really been mentioning snow too much...shhhhhhhh......

There has actually been a surprising lack of the white stuff for awhile now. We have had some 

damn cold nights recently that were down in the single digits.

Below  is the 7 Day forcast and there is no snow in sight. 

I know the ski areas are hurting but for me, I really don't mind one bit.

I haven't even  dragged the snowblower out of the shed and it looks like we

are snow free thru next Tuesday January 10th.

Maybe this means it will snow in May and June around here....we'll wait and see.

Now that I've Gone and said that you watch... this will be February:


  1. Our snow has been starting later too, but we have had some sort of frozen crap here the past two April's. It sure is hard on the fruit trees. We didn't get a single peach or cherry this past summer.

    On the upside though, no fruit on the trees really allowed them to put on some growth.

  2. Billybob.. its been cold here and we only had one storm back in october. Nothing else.. its kinda odd.


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