Thursday, January 5, 2012

For Some Reason I Just Ordered One Sight Unseen.....

Musta been the subliminal messages or something.....


  1. At last an appropriate metaphor for owing an Italian car, though if they'd have carried it forward any further things could have gotten ugly.

  2. Fiat's first foray into the American market for quite some time. They bailed before because their cars were shit. From what I've read, that little car doesn't have the Fiat mechanical legacy that did them in last time. Fiat's problem now is they have almost no dealers in the U.S.
    But, I can't blame U.S. car dealers for not wanting to jump on that bandwagon. When you do something good, no one ever remembers. When you do something bad, no one ever forgets.

  3. I see a ton of 500s around Boston.

    Honestly I couldn't imagine a more cramped, ugly, or gutless car anybody could drive.

    .....oh wait there's the Smart, that idiots on Boston drive too...

  4. @ Odysseus.. can you imagine a 3 minute commercial? ;)
    @kx59.. My friend in highschool had the X19. I Can't believe we never died in that thing. It was killed when he hit a raised manhole and it took out the bottom of the motor!
    @Weer'd.. I wouldn't be caught DEAD in either car. I'm with the big trucks and SUV's thats for sure. :)


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