Thursday, January 5, 2012

Cabin, Shelter, House..... Survival Prep..

Check out this "SITE" 
The plan is to build a cabin / shelter / house from a shipping / sea container that is suitable for a weekend or a very lengthy stay. One that is self sustainable in a time of disaster for up to a year or longer if need be, and to have all the comforts of home, and more. 
    When finished it will have both grid and off grid capabilities. Water will be heated using solar energy with electric backup, or by wood stove if necessary. Lighting will be a combination of 110 volt, 12 volt or kerosene. Heating will be a wood stove and solar. Water will be provided by a well source
using both electric and hand pump to feed the cabin. 
A large pantry that is mostly underground that will house at least a years supply of food. 

There are lots more pictures and details on the blogsite as well as a homemade
Solar panel system from cans...  Lots of GREAT IDEAS!

I also googled "Sea Container Home" and was amazed at all that is available as
far as plans , and ideas for this neat idea.

Here are some teaser pics for you.


  1. I have thought a few times (living in the tornado belt) that one of these containers with a rust coating buried in the yard and connected to the basement would make a great tornado shelter.

  2. Og, aka Neanderpundit I think uses a container as a hunting cabin.

    - Brad

  3. @Marc.. That sounds like an easy safe idea :)

    @ Brad.. it looks pretty easy to do and I can see it being less expensive if you have some skills :)

  4. Very interesting project and well done too.

  5. If I ever move back down to the coast (the middle one) I was really thinking of one or two for hurricane shelters.
    Anchor each corner to a couple yards of concrete pier and it wouldn't go anywhere.
    City water would be piped through 3-4 plastic 55 gal drums for freshness, ad a good genset and plenty of 70 proof sleeping medicine and we're set :-D

  6. how to make a survival kit,survival shelter

  7. Shipping containers having strong structural strength really helpful to us to our global distribution network of products.Thanks for sharing those information about the container house.


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