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Friday, September 14, 2018

Licensed gunowner praised for aiding Chicago Police in shootout

I read a couple of reports regarding this story. The details vary, but from what I can gather a Cicero police officer was traveling to Chicago as part of an investigation and got into a gunfight on I-55 with some guy armed with an "automatic weapon". A licensed gun owner who was stuck in traffic saw what was happening and jumped into action firing his weapon at the suspect. The officer was shot four times, but is expected to be OK. The bad guy was hit once and is going to make it too (not sure if it was the CCW or the a cop who winged him). The CPD and the Cicero Town President were both praising the efforts of the citizen who chose to help the LEOs.

Automatic weapons are illegal in Illinois. I guess the perpetrator did not receive that memo.  Then again, it could have been a cheap "Saturday Night Special .25 semi-auto and the press doesn't know the difference. Ever notice how most always the mantra coming from the left in and around Chicago is "guns are bad"? It would appear that in the eyes of the cops and press that guns are evil until something like this happens. Lastly, why is the Town President wearing a sleep-shirt to a news conference? Read more Here.


  1. The sartorial splendor of Cicero has declined somewhat since Al Capone ran the town.

  2. They both need to diet for beginners. :)


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