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Sunday, September 9, 2018


14 year old Tyrone Harvin has been charged as an adult in the rape and killing of his 83 year old neighbor, Dorothy Mae Neal. Investigators say the frail elderly lady was beaten to death.



  1. His mother must be so proud of her obamason.

    1. With such madness going on, I shake my head and wonder how we got to this point as a nation. Birmingham had five homicides by gun in 36 hours this past week. That is not counting those wounded who were either shot or stabbed (that is not counting one stabbing death). I also know for a fact that the media is "blacking out" and distorting certain shootings. A friend of my daughters was randomly shot right between the eyes while driving through Birmingham three weeks ago yesterday. He was lucky the bullet passed through the windshield and lodged in his skull. After some brain surgery to remove fragments of bone and bullet he survived to be released and sent home a week later. There were two other similar shootings that day (one victim died) and two more a few days later all in the close proximity. As of Friday, there had been 75 homicides in the Ham this year. I suppose they are trying to surpass Chicago or Baltimore.

    2. I see the same thing here in Alberta. A man tried to abduct a women a gas station in full daylight on a friday. She was saved by two rig hands who saw it and intervened.

      Media talked it up for 24 hrs until it turned out the perp was named mohammed and was working with the feds to resettle syrian refugees.


  2. Don't look like any 14 year old I have ever seen.
    Made himself grow up pretty fast.

  3. He may be alive, but at the level of an animal. The light of God's intelligence does not shine from his eyes. Kill him now as the rabid animal that he is. And any offspring he may have whelped as well.

    Deplorable B Woodman

  4. He needs to be hung with Piano wire PUBLICLY Record it on video and play the video in ALL SCHOOLS IN THE COUNTRY. I will bet that there is no father involved with him


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