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Friday, September 14, 2018

That Moment You Realized You Should Have Cancelled Your Flight To Charlotte....

yes , it's cgi


  1. wonder why the speed brakes/spoilers are deployed? oh, yeah. to err is human to really screw up royally, computerize..

  2. I would have to say the cross wind component for this approach was vastly exceeded. judging by the audio sound track of engine noise, any pilot in command would have initiated a missed approach once the stabilized approach was disrupted. the pilot in command would have firewalled everything. did not hear that happening. I would also put money on the idea that those filming from the under the approach path may not be there tomorrow. I wonder if they knew just how much of a pink smear they would have been if not for the acrobatics. also note the extraordinary flexing of the left wing coming out of the inverted. wing in negative G.

    1. really, tremendous control authority, just look at the negative and positive flex on the wings outboard of the spoilers.

    2. I was waiting (and waiting) for King Arthur's immortal words -- "Run Away!"

  3. JET Z air canada's high end charter line. someone got a E-ticket ride for free.

  4. wondering if they rode in on the coat tails of a heavy and got into big wing tip vortices?


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