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Tuesday, September 11, 2018


A stark reminder.....


  1. IMO these videos should be the lead in to every nights news casts to remind us (and the stupid newsfolks) of the evil that exists in this world that wants harm to come to the US. Maybe if "we the people" had this in front of our face every day, the idiot open border lefties would think twice about their philosophies. I'm sorry, did I just type think and lefties in the same sentence? That's a huge mistake.

    1. Remember, people like Mr Shedule, Peter Jennings and the rest of the Lefty media, decided showing these images would inflame the American public and incite Islamophobia.

  2. 17 years ago, I had just returned from the weekly stand-up at the Ops Group. I heard something on the radio about an explosion at the WTC. I went down to the team room and got one of the little black and white TV's. I just got it turned on and tuned in in time to see the plane hit WTC2. I picked up the phone and called the Unit Commander and told him "We are at war". He had been watching it at the University and was well aware of what was happening. We went over short term plans that had to be completed in preparation for deployment. I reminded him that we currently had one team of four personnel at a JRTC training rotation at Ft Polk. Finished that call and then did a ring down of the recall roster and told the unit to talk to their employers and prepare them for their departure, talk to your families and prepare them, prep your bags and get your power of attorneys and your wills up to date and stand by for orders.

    I hate this day, even 17 years after it crushes my heart. Because as much as was stolen and killed and harmed 17 years ago, as much as we have fought and died and paid the price

    This nation has forgotten.

    Well some have, not those who will never forgive and those who will never forget,
    But those who didn't want to see when it happened,
    those who made excuses for those who did such evil,
    they are the ones who claimed we caused this,
    and are the ones who claim today that they are "The religion of peace"
    That we are the ones who caused the problems in the world,
    That we deserved this.

    I hate this day, obama proclaimed whose side he was on,
    and was elected twice.
    He comes out this month and complains that the recovery that President Trump has brought,
    is his.

    And the Media celebrates. I hate this day, not because of what it has meant,
    But because Those in power have not remembered,
    And that means that another day must come.
    I hate this day.

    MSG Grumpy

  3. Replies
    1. Exactly. they didn't trip over the building. they were given the worst choice imaginable. By our "Friends"

  4. We should have given them two options: Hand over the terrorists, or we turn Mecca into molten glass on the desert.

    1. We should have just nuked Mecca anyway and all the other places that drive men mad.

  5. May God bless and keep them. They fly with the Angels now.

  6. Until we get about a 1,000 smoking nuclear holes within the islam population nothing will change.

  7. It's crushing to watch but so important to see. I've spent many years in the ME and Afghanistan and am convinced we missed the mark, we should have gone in hard, Curtis LeMay hard, broke their will to fight and then got out. The problem is that America no longer has the stomach for war and doesn't have the endurance to create peace. It won't get better with a population buried in their smartphones, my children and their children will have it worse than I did. I hope we wake before its too late.

  8. Hey Irish;

    I am still angry about that day and the subsequent events since then.

  9. Never forget. Never forgive. Go full Vlad Tepes on their asses.

  10. I work for a large financial services firm. We have in-house traders that buy and sell bonds and other financial instruments, and who are in constant communication with their counterparts in NYC. On that day many conversations suddenly fell silent for no apparent reason. No apparent reason, that is, until the dozen or so TV monitors that kept the traders informed of breaking news began showing images of the planes striking the twin towers. Our folks knew then that many, if not most, of their friends and fellow traders were dead or dying.

    One of our local traders was in NYC and in those towers for a financial conference. His body was never found. I knew of him, but did not know him directly. Still.

    It was a very bad day.

  11. We should have nuked the Saudis on 9/12.

  12. 17 years and I still speaking to 4 of my brothers onthe night of 9/10/01 and never again. Miss Them. Joe FDNY ret.

  13. Not Falling. Jumping. Because???????


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