Thursday, September 13, 2018

(UPDATED) Who in the hell runs a lever gun this fast?

H/T to Alan in Tuscaloosa

To answer the question in the title, there are quite a few folks out there who can run levers, single action pistols and shotguns in such a manner. Enjoy.

Thanks Aesop 


  1. Lotsa guys.
    If you like shooting, try SASS.

    I regularly shot with the guys who were world champions; one of them would shoot 24-26 rounds 5@ from each of two single action Rugers, 10 from a lever gun, and 4-6 from a shotgun, while moving in 12 seconds, with 0 misses.

    That's average.
    Sometimes, he'd shoot faster. Slower guys wanted to find him a girlfriend, just to mess up his game.

    He started slow, and worked up.
    The standing joke was that he'd shoot 10-12 stages like that in less time than most of took to shoot one stage.

    Back around 2013, I think they put him in the Cowboy Shooting Hall Of Fame.
    At age 27 or so.

    And there were kids coming up behind him that were even faster.

    Imagine going to play a round of golf every weekend, and being foursomed up with Tiger Woods.

    One weekend, a bunch of 30-something SWAT cops were coming in to use the range behind us, once our match was finished. 60-something retiree was shooting, and one cop remarked "He's using a .45 auto."
    We told him to go look again.
    Grandpa was shooting single-action Ruger vaquero so fast, it sounded like IPSC.
    And going 10/10 on hits.

    Youngster cop came back shaking his head and said, "I hope you guys are always on our side."

    I gave up trying to be competitive, because there's guys that can sling lead with those guns like they had modern military arms.
    Now the shooting is just for fun, hanging out with friends, and competing against myself.
    I'm about bottom of the middle 1/3rd, whether the pack is 50 guys or 900.

    The fastest guns just make you stare with a dropped jaw.


  2. If the Lefties see this, they'll start calling your lever guns assault weapons.


  3. Let's see 'em do that with factory loads.

  4. I watched Jerry Miculek do his record setting 12 shots in under 3 seconds, and then heard the people complaining about guns that held more than 10 rounds in one magazine, and thought to myself, " you people had better never see this guy, because if you do, you will have a fit."
    Now, I have never seen what a conniption looks like, but I suspect that if you forced the liberals from California to sit and watch Jerry on a Saturday afternoon, I would find out exactly what one looked like, and from up close. The truly neat thing is that the man seems like a decent person, too. I am sure he has his quirks just like the rest of us, but he seems like he is willing to help teach others, who want to learn. Just like Nascar used to be, with the drivers walking around and talking to fans before and after races. I have not been to one in ages, but I suppose that since they are big names now, they are not allowed to mingle with the fans. You know how sponsors can be. Don't want someone getting a picture for free, when they can sell it for 20$.


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