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Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Way Back Wednesday

 Linda Evans in The Big Valley, 1965-1969. | Linda evans, Hollywood actor,  Classic hollywood

The Big Valley (1965)

The Enchanting Beauty of Linda Evans in “The Big Valley” | Old-fashioned  Image and Retro Artworks...

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Pin on B - Linda Evans

Linda Evans in Nolan Miller Dynasty | Linda evans, Beautiful old woman,  Celebrities

Linda EVANS : Biography and movies

49 Hottest Linda Evans Hot Pictures Which Make Certain To Leave You  Entranced | Best Of Comic Books

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  1. I really think Linda Evans is one of those few who actually got hotter as they got older. I feel the same way about Ann Archer too

  2. Linda had an 18" waist when she was young.
    And Tony is absolutely correct. I give you the next to last picture as evidence. It doesn't get much hotter than that at any age!
    Happy St. Paddy's Day to all my fellow Micks out there!

  3. Young Linda Evans was pretty , in a somewhat generic way .

    Mature , she is absolutely gorgeous , with a look uniquely her own .

  4. Two down, one to go.

    1. ,,,,,,,,,,,,but John was married four times total. LOL

    2. Nothing like the others...

  5. They don't get much hotter than Linda Evans at any age.


  6. I locked eyes with the lovely Linda once while in the first class lounge in Narita many moons ago, late 90's. She was with her main man, Yanni. I must have been staring at her what with the jet lag and all, because the look on her face was sort of like "oh no, another idiot recognized me, I hope he doesn't ask me for an autograph".

    Steve the Engineer

  7. Quite the well-aged siren, laddies!

  8. The second Mrs. John Derek. Sandwiched between Ursula Andress and Bo Derek.

  9. When younger, I always confused Linda Evans and Bo Derek (I thought that was Derek in the bikini shot). Both were/are beautiful woman. And agreed to the Ann Archer comment Tony. That woman is aging nicely.


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