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Sunday, March 14, 2021

Irish's Tour de F̶r̶a̶n̶c̶e̶.... er... Lily White Neighborhoods...


 Earlier today I needed to venture south across enemy lines to the PRoM.  People's Republic of mASS.

Many of the towns I drive through are lily white. I see BLM signs , hand painted BLM signs, 

rainbow signs like these:


Now the winner is this one below that has been around since the Oblowme years.  

It is made with tape and just stuck to their fence. For a while the Obama portion was faded

 and the tape was peeling away. 

They must have hunkered in their basement for four years during the Trump Empire.

Needless to say, they have felt emboldened again to once venture forth and eludicate us with 

their child like art work.  I think a little google fu on the webz will reveal my preconceived notions

of said residents.  

According to demographics this town has a whopping .5% population of African Americans.

Lily white and feeling the guilt.

 Seriously? are these residents like five years old or something?

 See I ain't lying. Here is street view from 2018

Gotta go, my pillow just texted me... I'm late.


  1. So little time, so much virtue to signal.

  2. People who live in overwhelmingly "white" municipalities and display signs such as those are getting shortchanged. To really get the full "cultural" experience they should travel down to north Birmingham or some of the "sportier" sections of Atlanta, Memphis, Chicago, Baltimore, Portland, Seattle, etc. and become fully immersed in the in culture and BLM movement.

  3. Anytime a white cop shoots a black criminal and the BLM crowd gets upset, these guilt ridden fools should be sacrificed at a ratio of 2 to 1 and then things can be called even.

    1. I second that motion.

      Whitehall, NY

  4. Driving around the area that I live in, in fact in the entire county I have not seen one such sign, but I do notice that none have bothered to take down their Trump 2020 signs. In fact some folks have added Trump Won signs in their yard. It's nice to live in the mountains of North Carolina. Mass was a lost cause back in the 80's when I still lived in NH. Even back then there were folks who called for a wall on the southern border. The sountern border of NH to keep the asses in Mass.


  5. I grew up in one of those lily white coastal towns in MA where every other yard has a BLM sign. The town is 97% white, so all they're doing is virtue signaling with each other. To top off their hypocrisy, they all oppose a planned development that includes low income housing that might allow actual black people to afford to live there. In my childhood, the town was Republican-leaning blue collar, but rich white liberals have taken over and ruined it.

  6. I think I can translate those signs from commie to antifa. they say "please don't burn down our neighborhood we are unarmed and have paid our tributes"....

    but I might be a little rusty on my translation skills.

  7. We have a small infestation of these types here in Texas. We even have some home grown, but not many. Where I grew up, in the DC area there were more.

    That said, they are the first to start crowing when someone section 8s there house, or a developer tries to get a permit for low income housing in their neighborhood.

    In mine, the community pool was failing. People here that want a pool generally put one in their yard. So they were going to sell the property, and the developer was going to put in apartments. Not low income, neccesarily, but apartments. The battle cry went up and people coughed up dough to join, making the pool assn liquid, and staved off the menace.

    A developer bought a vacant chunk of property on the northern end of the neighborhood -wanted to put in townhomes. Again the battle cry went out. What's being built there now are mcmansions, all 10' apart, starting in the 500k region.

    I used to install cable tv in bad neighborhoods, mostly apartments. All they need do is ride with a cable tech for a day. These people don't have a pot to piss in, but will have a big assed TV.

    Don't get me started.

  8. Yep, if they really cared, they'd import some of those "dienfranchised Citizens" and help them ove to their town.
    But they don't.
    They keep the gate closed with high home prices and other barriers.

    They want black people to be equal....somewhere else. They know what will happen if the neigborhood becomes more demograpically diverse...and they don't want ^their^ part of the country to be like that...
    It is all lies and virtue signaling.

  9. Similar scenes are observed in older parts of Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio.


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