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Sunday, March 14, 2021

Irish Log Stardate 3/14/21.......


 So far there is not much to report. 

There have been no visits by law enforcement or fire safety.

The supervisor has checked in to make sure all is well a few times though.

Yesterday was extremely productive regarding the project list that I have compiled for spring.

Most of you would find it to be boring. Me, I enjoy my alone time outside and seeing the final result

of what I choose to accomplish.  I have a set of these headphones. They don't cover your ears so 

you can hear your surroundings. Pandora play list and my phone in my pocket and I'm set to go.

Start off the day:

As some of you know I'm up early. Some coffee and computer time to get started.

Then responsibilities.

We have 2 cats. They don't get along so feeding and indoor vs. outdoor time needs to be monitored to

keep em' seperated. 

Next up is the horses. Most of the time I don't handle the day to day other than dumping the shit cart.

Since the boss in on a mini vacation I have horse duty.

 Morning feeding then pasture time. The paddocks are a mess from the winter

so part of yesterday was spent cleaning one stall area. There is still hard pack ice insulated under the 

manure. Hopefully it will melt in the sun now that the covering is off.

I listed a few items for sale on marketplace and craigslist and sold some weathertech mats I had listed

a while ago. We arranged to meet near the local highway which is route 93 in Windham. I arrived

early and decided I was hungry. Not having an Egg Mcmuffin in many moons, I spun through the 

drive-thru to get one. This is the text I sent my buddy Steve once I had my sammich:

Holy shit...

Once I returned, I loaded the tool box to do fence repair and add an automatic latch to one of the gates.

It's been a looong time since someone forgot to latch the gates closed and 2 of the horses decided they

were bored and made a jailbreakI fixed that issue.

After lunch a Home Depot run for some shelving was made. Upon returning to the bunker I checked

on the cats.  AWW..( all was well) other than he must have pulled the tile off the corner. Another

project for today.

Install shelving to replace the old wood planks someone nailed into the wall.  

Clean and reorganize the closet. ( Why did I bother, it will be redone, most likely :) )


Trash run to garage.

Recycling. Gotta save the planet.

Load dishwasher.

Headed back to barn to clean the loft and throw hay down for the week. Got sidetracked up there

and spent a few hours house keeping. Rocking the headphones to Airbag on my Pandora.

Let the horses back in for feeding. 

Secure the barn.

Stop in garage and tidy up.

Grab a beer and make some dinner.

Hot shower.

Do some paperwork for work as I 'm at the computer for a bit.

Sit down on the sofa and.....zzzzzzzzzz

Forgot it was day-light savings today.

The cats are done and I'm headed out to feed the horses.

They act like they haven't eaten in weeks......


  1. Whomever said a woman's work is never done apparently never met you, Irish...

  2. Dang - productive day!


  3. Yep, gotta have the tunes makes the work go better. Hate it when it annouces battery low. Got a back up set now.

  4. All without adult supervision. Take an "Atta-Boy" out of petty cash and prop your feet up after the dinner dishes are washed and cleaned.

  5. Nice report! That should keep the boss calm... }:o)

    Known Associate (i don't google, so must remain anonymous until 7/4/2021...

  6. And here I thought I was busy. Well, I am but still...
    I can't believe you don't sleep like a baby.

  7. Looks like an above average day for getting shit done.


  8. Your wife is poorly trained. He has done that much cleaning in our house tmTOTAL in 34 years. He has done most of the outdoor work in the last few but only one of us has worked a real job in town in 11 years...it isn't him...

  9. Lots of places won't actually tell you what your total is until you get to the window to pay. McDonald's, Arbies, KFC, Wendy's are just some of the places that do this.


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