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Monday, March 15, 2021

A Rare Catch: Great White Shark Caught Near Pensacola, Florida This Past Week


See more HERE.


  1. We vacation there sometimes. I've been in that very water. Yikes!. One of the things I like about the North Texas Prairie is the very low rate of shark attacks. As a bonus it is also real hard to fall off of a cliff here so that's good too.

    1. Same with southern Alberta, with the added bonus its too cold for roaches and some snakes. We do have tumbleweeds, and you can see sharks coming from a long way away.


  2. I made a treaty with the sharks.
    Until I see one in my yard they are honoring it.
    I don't get in their yard.

  3. In Florida, once you step into ANY body of water, you are no longer the top predator.

  4. FB will never allow me to repost anything from this site. I always get , some viewers find the content objectionable, comment.

  5. Why can't you measure it?

  6. The really weird part about that catch is being surf fishing. Those are blue water sharks (remember the movie "Blue Water White Death") We occasionally get them around here on the east coast, like once a year, but usually 20+ miles offshore.

  7. And this is why I never go in at night or past my knees...

  8. And people use to say I was batshit crazy when I told them I saw Great Whites not too far out in the Gulf off of Pensacola Beach...

  9. Geronimo and his people were held at Fort Pickens, Santa Rosa Island (Pensacola Beach).
    They wouldn't get into the water because there were Monsters....


  10. That sound when he popped the hook, with that gigantic de-hooker. Reel as big as coffee can.


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