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Thursday, March 18, 2021

UPDATED! German Neurologist Warns Against Wearing Facemasks: "Oxygen Deprivation Causes Permanent Neurological Damage."

 face mask oxygen deprivation Dr. Margarite Griesz-Brisson

Read the story HERE

H/T to James in Albany

I received a note this morning from Irish along with his "metabolic profile" results from his recent blood sample indicating elevated levels of CO2. He has been wearing a mask every day at work all day long since the scamdemic began. The CO2 levels confirm Dr. Griesz-Brisson's warnings. 


  1. Tucker Carlson did a social distancing/mask segment recently. Did you know that the social distancing mandate of 6 feet comes from a more than 100 year old German tuberculosis study THAT HASN'T BEEN RESTUDIED IN ALL THAT TIME? That's right sports fans, the six foot DOGMA might, just MIGHT, be as full shit as most of the rest of the COVID bullshit they've been shoveling down our throats for more than a year. He also had a woman on with PHD in droplet physics that contends the six foot mandate could be reduced to three feet, combined with masks, with no marked increase in COVID transmission . I think she was from Stanford, if I remember correctly.


    1. It's even dumber than that:


      A friggin' high school science project spawned .gov's mandates a year ago, and nobody has bothered to explain most other mandates and decrees beyond hand-waving and "because science"....

  2. If the measured environment inside the mask was the inside of a closed structure you would have to evacuate. OSHA standards are violated to that level concerning oxygen deprivation.....or Hypoxia for the organism. That doesnt even take into account your breathing your own exhaust. Fuckers are determined to kill us slowly. Sic Semper Tyrannus

  3. I Irish's case, the elevated CO2 levels might just be from all the Guinness he had yesterday.

    Whitehall, NY

    1. Ha ha ha. I see what you did there.


  4. Calm down. 32 instead of 31 is basically statistically insignificant, and the test measures your kidney function via your electrolytes.
    All it's saying is that the person with that number should probably get up off their ass and blow off more CO2.
    It says nothing about "oxygen deprivation".

    This is like looking at the water level inside the ship's toilet to determine whether or not it's sinking.
    (When seawater reaches the ceiling of the head, however, you probably have a problem.)

    Determining oxygenation would require an arterial blood gas test, which is completely different, and actually looks at how much CO2 and bicarbonate you're retaining, how much your blood is oxygenating, and whether you're coping with current conditions or not.

    As a general rule, unless it's someone like Rand Paul, MD, talking, it's generally wiser to stop getting medical "information" from the idiot box.

    These are scientific geniuses who can't grasp that the actions of a giant flaming ball of thermonuclear detonation 93 million miles away may have a wee bit more to do with earth's climate than how many cows fart every day.

    Treat them like the retarded stepchildren of ignorance they are.

    1. So , I’m not gonna die ? Lol. Thanks Aesop
      As noted my potassium is low so that could contribute with the electrolytes.

    2. Still pushing the Coronademic Aesop?
      Fauci himself wrote a paper in 2005 speculating that a large percentage of deaths in 1918 were a result of respiratory illnesses due to mask wearing.
      You have no standing any longer, nor respect. You've ridden this horse into the ground.
      Show me the deaths.

    3. You own an oximeter? Get one and use it. If you really can't breathe, your oxygen levels will drop. Anything below 94% is bad if you're healthy. If you've been a smoker for 40 years, 94% is pretty much normal.

      Masks don't do any good anyway. CDC just put out a report, mask mandate good for about 1/2% reduction in spread. Gee whiz.

      A smart puppy would figure out how to hook up an oxygen line to a full face painter's gas mask. Then you get a little strap on O2 tank like all the oldsters in Florida wear, and duct tape a paper mask to the exhale port. Looks asinine, but you can breathe, you can exhale, you get plenty of oxygen, and no covid will get near you.

    4. I had a physical check-up a few days go and with the finger device, my blood oxygen level was 88%. They dold me to remove my mask and the level shot up to 94%. So the masks are harmful.

    5. Waitwaitwait...the alternate reality folks are now going to use Fauci and the CDC to prove your points...???ROFLMAO.
      This is a duel to the finish between the Gell-Mann Amnesia Effect and Dunning-Kruger.
      Heads I win, tails you lose.

      And Irish, we're all going to die. Someday.
      But as I tell my level 5 (level 6 is "GTFO of here, you faker!") ED patients, that BMP says that you're not dying any faster than the rest of us. Have a banana and some OJ, and your potassium will be fine.

    6. @Gregory
      ...so you figure the oxygen concentration of atmospheric air with no mask is magically higher than it is with a mask on? The face masks out there simply couldn't retain enough CO2 to have any effect that large. You couldn't block enough air flow with anything but a plastic bag to make that much difference, unless you've been doing two packs a day since Carter was president, or maybe you're missing a lung, or something similarly chronic and metabolic. People actively sucking on a lit cigarette don't drop to 88% unless they started at 89%. I have seen people with no masks do that, but generally in their sleep, because they weigh 300 pounds, and they have periodic sleep apnea, which kills them...in about 30 years. Usually about 10 years after their weight gives them a heart attack or a stroke.

      Were you wearing a mask made from a ziplock freezer bag, or what...?

    7. SHOCKER. putztube has taken the video down.

  5. After my 2 weeks with this shit, I'm down a bit on my O2 saturation. What was once a normal of 98, is now running a 95-96 as an average. I'll hit 90-91 if I'm shallow breathing sitting at a computer, but once I recognize I'm feeling a bit off and start breathing heavier, it's back at 95 pretty fast. Sleeping is interesting... This version of pneumonia added significantly to previous lung issues and damage, and I don't expect it to get much better over the next few months. "groundglass opacities' and 'previous damage' I don't expect to put in the win column. Appointment to see a lung doc on the 16th (earliest available and 'we only do video now') should start the process of assessing and moving forward.


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