Friday, February 7, 2020


Here's the video if the embed doesn't work or they take it down


  1. every time I see Nancy ripping up presidents speech, I hear in the back of my head, eric cartman, from south part, singing his 'she's a bitch' song

  2. A very crass move,from a very low class woman. Luckily enough,she won't likely have a chance to rule the house again, come November. The Republicans are stupid, but even they should be smart enough to parlay the Democratic garbage that has gone on for the entire presidents first term into a victory for not only him, but all the rest running down the ticket.
    But then again,I hate to tempt stupid when it comes to any political party. Because they always prove me wrong.

  3. And that would be the CUNT move.

  4. She really ought to spend more time practising her origami skills.


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