Friday, February 7, 2020

Here is a picture of nice buck my son killed over the Christmas holiday.

He picked the mount up from the taxidermist a couple of weeks ago. It had nice chocolate horns and scored 140 Boone and Crockett. The deer had been a ten point for at least the past two years (different photos on game cameras) and was probably on the "downhill slide". He didn't weigh it, but I helped him dress it and I'd guess it was in the 190-200 lb. range.



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    1. Thanks Bill. He killed it about 300 yards from my house. My boy had been chasing this deer pretty hard since the season opened and it was chasing does. The buck was thinking with his little head and that was the death of him.

  2. Nice trophy by almost anyone's standards. Congratulations on a successful conclusion to all the hard work that he put in............

  3. Blacktail hunting is a whole lot different. It took me 30 years to stumble onto the 4X5 I got then. 185# dressed out. That's what I weighed then with all my guts. Does anyone else do this? You don't think about having to drag the animal out until you got one, and you are two miles from the truck? At least I know to hunt uphill.

  4. Anyone who can take a deer in New England is a good hunter. Since you can be 50 feet from one and not even see it.
    Nice job!

  5. I helped my son "drag out" this deer too. It was uphill, but not terribly far from a road. Still, it was a task. The 190-200 lbs I mentioned was whole. Had the deer been any farther, we would have field dressed it before moving it. This is the last weekend of the season and I haven't seen even a small buck in months. My son has seen a couple on his game cameras. One is a "retarded 7pt." that needs killing just for the sake of genetics. It is all jacked up.

  6. I helped my dad drag a doe out from a farm we used to hunt that was owned by a family friend, here in Michigan. There were ruts from the tractor working the field, and they were frozen solid. We had to go at a right angle to them.
    Michigan white tails in our area normally run around 110-130#. In the southern part of the state, you can get up to the 200# deer, but in the middle of the state, not too often. Dragging his doe just about 5-600 yards was almost more than I wanted to handle, and that was probably 30 years ago,when I a young and strong fella.
    My ex brother in law has a brother who shot an 11 point here in mid Michigan,that was so big, I could not even put one hand around the base of it's antler. And I seem to remember that it only weighed 230#. He brought it over and showed it to me, he was so excited. In the back of his pick up, it looked like a cow.


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