Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Take A Stroll Down Memory Lane....

Pay very close attention at the 1:30 mark... look at the intensity.


  1. ...and most of those clowns don't currently have a job, especially most of the early Never Trump political pundits. I just wish Fox would shit can Mike Wallace and Brit Hume. Those two still, have not left the Never Trump camp.

    ...and did anyone see the Pierre Delecto interview from yesterday. Romney, who was absolutely trashed by Wallace when he ran for President, crawls up to Wallace to suck his dick in public so that Wallace would give him air time for his I'm with God justification for voting with the Demonrats on the First Article.

    In the process, Pierre absolutely screwed himself out of EVER being President. Not to mention that he's probably going to face recall in Utah. Where do we get these idiots?


  2. Right there at the end of the video whilst President TRUMP took the Oath of Office was Lil Nasty Nancy Piglosi CHEWING ON HER LOWER LIPS. Grinding Corn, What a BEAUtiful Site indeed.

    Thank You!

  3. And then Don rides in on a personally tamed scorned female rabid Velociraptor robbed of its eggs in an awkward time of the lunar cycle with hungover Chuck Norris as saddleblanket, cold turkey methhead Bruce Lee as reins, and a pair of enhanced malfunction T1000 terminators as stirrups, after his Plutonium and Ricin breakfast snack washed down with Aqua Regis and a side dish of Foreign Head of State torn out while alive with barbed wire electrified pitchfork livers fried in bastinadoed with flamethrowers journaillist's tears, wielding twin rotary Plasma Photon Cannons in the forty bazilliogilliogigawatt range in each hand, and proceeds to stuff multiple 20cwt rotting mutant crow carcasses wrapped in flourine gas cured strips of Greta Thunberg into every orifice (+ 3 new ones he lasered with his eyes) of every single one of these unfit to be redheaded stepchild of a failed toilet seat gasket and a sodomising ebolic leech, windowlicking dead goat fellating sewer diving lane hogging hat and knitwrapped tissue box on the parcelshelf drooling imbecilic incontinent oxygen thieving space wasting farts gone terribly wrong in exploding colostomy bags....and has them greedily double order of magnitude cubed daring him to c'mon punk that all ya got do ya worst. 2020 won't be boring, now that he's warmed up....


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