Wednesday, February 5, 2020

The Democrat Clown Car....


  1. There's about 20 people in that gif that used up all the luck they are ever going to have right there.

  2. Those candidates were obviously depressed about getting in Hillary's way to the nomination. They obviously decided to suicide themselves in a violent car crash or by swallowing their own pillows in the hospital afterward. We should all bow our heads in remembrance of those who have passed and keep their dream of President Hillary alive...

  3. This video shows CCTV footage of that "flying car" accident from 3 angles (including the 1 the gif is taken from), plus a cell phone film on the ground in the aftermath.

    The news reports I saw said there was only 1 fatality, that of a woman on the ground -- the driver actually survived it -- but several injuries too.


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