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Thursday, February 6, 2020

And Now .. "Words Of Wisdom With AOC"

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  1. Stupidity concentrated.

  2. she'll ask "Whats the meta for?"

    1. Are you implying the ignorant twat can count to four? Spelling notwithstanding...

  3. The only joke is the one that the voters in her district played upon the House of Representatives when they elected her. I do hope she enjoys her time in D.C. because unless she goes there on a field trip with her daughter's 6th grade class,when her term is done, she won't be coming back.
    I think that even her supporters have to know that she is a joke, and not a real serious person sent there to help govern.

  4. Her idiocy pales in comparison to the herd of imbeciles who pulled the lever for her. Seriously, how fuckin' retarded do you gotta be to look at that titty transporter and think "she could totally represent me"?!


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