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Friday, September 15, 2017

Well Now, That Escalated Quickly In Oklahoma... Updated

 Rice Rockets vs. Rednecks....


Caution for yelling, bad language, and fighting...

It will be interesting to find out just what sparked this whole showdown.


I found this article that was posted yesterday. It has over 200 comments already:

OSU students escape unharmed after violent road rage encounter  <<< LINK






  1. Holy sh-t. Yeah, wonder what sparked that ? Damn.

  2. Ya don't fuck with a redneck, we kick ass and don't even bother to take names.

  3. Lard butt was lucky the biker didn't head-but him getting blood all over his prissy shirt

  4. Rule of thumb: Never mess with anyone big and strong enough to load a giant corner entertainment center into the back of pick up truck. Seriously, I bet there is more to this story than meets the "camera". I don't think the woman would have been so hysterical about her children if the bikers had not done something to endanger them in the first place. Under normal circumstances, the guys in the pickup trucks would probably have pulled over to help a distressed motorist on that stretch of road.

    1. They should have ended this by running over the bikes. That would make sure those biker punks couldn't pull that crap again for a while.

  5. They escaped unharmed? That guy laying motionless on the grass isn't exactly "unharmed".

  6. A group of young punks on rice rockets are not bikers! Bikers ride Milwalkee iron, and I
    did not see a Harley Davidson. Real bikers have more in common with those rednecks. Real
    bikers ride courtesouly, and would never cut someone off.

  7. The rice biker gang mentality is real bad. They need to be put down by whatever means necessary. I ride a Dual sport bike, and try to keep from getting killed every time I ride. That means obeying the law. Those little assholes need some more of that kind of beatdown before they die one way or another.

  8. Besides all the silly as comments and even insults from the protection of the internent on that link, one thing for certain is that this went on long enough for the folks in the truck to call ahead for a roadblock. The sissies talkin' trash I guess thought 9 to 1 was fair on the road but took issue when a couple friends showed up with a shotgun.

  9. Saprkelfarters shouldn't fuck with real men it tends to get real........


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