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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

At That Moment... All Was Well.....


  1. Your top of the site photos/images are beautiful. No matter which ones you choose, and vary, you always manage to pick one that is perfect. Are some of them photos you've taken yourself ?

    They're all so nice. Especially today's.

    1. Good morning David, Thanks for the kind words. All the header images are from various locations on the blog. Sometimes I will find something that catches my eye or I'll specifically search for an image that fits my mood.

      Glad you enjoy. I added you to the blogroll.


  2. Thank you, I appreciate adding me to your B-Roll. Pretty sure I found your site via Vulgar Curmudgeon - Phil is a great guy. RE the header images: As the one you have today, it is so peaceful and tranquil when I'm wound up, that's an image that brings me back to normality :) so I saved it in my images file. Take care, be well.


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