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Monday, September 11, 2017

Florida Police "Shaming" Looters On Social Media

Just imagine how caning, having perps locked in stocks, dismemberment (cutting off the hand of a thief as in mooslem countries), or public hangings would work to deter such shenanigans. I would wager that the crime rate would drop dramatically. 

Looters in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Read the story HERE or scroll down to see a hypothetical spoof (CNN/Anderson Cooper) that is actually about par for the "fake news" course.


  1. I am not up on police lingo. Does shaming mean long distance sharp shooters with high power rifles? Because anything less is not going to do anything to deter these thieves. Unless it is employees and owners armed and willing to shoot to kill.

  2. I hear you pigpen51. Those young delinquents probably had been traumatized from seeing monuments of Confederate Soldiers, statues of Robert E. Lee, or the like and only "rescued" those shoes to alleviate their anxiety.

  3. Hey Jeffrey;

    Don't you know that looting is "retribution" and redistribution of assets for their ancestors being slaves and all the bad decisions they have made since? (Sarc)

  4. To heck with shaming them.

    Arrest them and put them to work cleaning up the community.
    Plus have them pay for their jail costs & Food.

    Otherwise they'll just be bragging to their homeys ...


  6. I blew up the Pic and noted all the Looters faces have been blurred out?????


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