Wednesday, September 13, 2017

This. Is Why I Enjoy Reading Other Bloggers' Postings....

 Silicon Graybeard Started with this post:

Trying to Make Sense of The Opioid "Epidemic" 


Trying to Make Sense of The Opioid "Epidemic" - Part II 

Do read through the comments on both of those.

Aesop then added his post here:

Medical Statistics III: Why So Many Opioid Deaths?


How many things are the public being played for?




  1. Went in for my D.O.T. physical today (good for 2 more years @57 yrs old) and was looking at the posters in the exam room. They showed diagrams of the spine, knee and shoulder. All of the posters were supplied by the makers of Oxycontin. The slip/fall artists and professional victims who go to this 7-11 of medicine are being told what to ask for when they point at the "owie".

  2. THC/CBD works better and is non addictive.


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