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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Just a reminder

I doubt it has anything to do with shortages, oil production in the Gulf of Mexico, or refineries, but I shit you not, there isn't in gas in the county where I live in northwest Alabama. A lot of north Alabama is under a Tropical Storm Warning with high winds and lots of rain forecast for the next two or three days. Being in a very rural/wooded area we are more likely than not to lose power due to falling limbs/trees. I imagine a lot of folks filled cans and cars in anticipation of losing power from the electrical grid and having to resort to generator power, etc.




  1. Jeffery,

    Come over to Metro Atlanta. As of Sunday night, we still seemed to have all the $3.50++ Premium grade Gas you could use. Just get a few miles off the Interstate.
    But most places sold out of Regular by early Friday.

    But, in my neck of the woods, it was only along the I-75/I-85 corridors. It seems the Snowbirds & Half-backs (endearing terms southerners use for Yankee seasonal or weather migrators) are just reenacting Sherman's "Marching thru Ga" path again.

    For the most part, other than their 3rd world aggressive bad driving skills. The Floridians here are well behaved and good visitors.

    The plus side is Snowbirds and Half Backs will return to Florida in a few days, making area Ga Businesses richer for their brief stay.

    Totally unlike the New Orleans Katrina crowd.

  2. We went through the same thing a few months ago when that pipeline caught fire in Alabama. I learned my lesson then and keep 30 gallons in cans.

  3. Yet another argument for a Diesel Generator. Better power factor, the fuel lasts longer in storage, and the odds of a truck stop being out of diesel are greatly reduced.

  4. Yes, and you can save some money when you purchase "off road" (in most cases it isn't taxed nearly as much as "regular" diesel). We ordered diesel today (heavy equipment) and and the price had risen from $1.78 per gallon last week to $2.15 as of this morning (09.11.17). Also, I saw plenty of gas for sale locally today, though it has "jumped" in price. So far we've only had light rain and very little wind. Some parts of eastern Alabama has had light damage. I just heard on the news that app. 48,000 homes are without electricity. The winds and rain are supposed to get here between now (5:30 PM CST) and daylight tomorrow. The current forecast has been downgraded from the original.


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