Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Speaking of Mindsets?????????????????????

A major Klinton/Democratic donor, Benjamin Barber, says "blacks are seriously F***ed in the head" at Ross Fundraiser. In my opinion I think Mr. Barber should take a look in the mirror or go out into the real world and see how miserably LBJ's "Great Society" has failed. The whole socialist-commie dogma these idiots tout is nothing more than lies and their hatred for anything capitalist, self-independence, or conservative is beyond rabid. I hope more and more Americans realize these monsters would like nothing better than to keep the majority of Americans impoverished, dependent on .gov handouts, living in Section 8 housing, and ignorant via public education. 



  1. Here Here! Or is that Hear Hear...? Those kinds of vermin are exactly what we should strive to combat and eliminate. BTW, The SMOD just missed us on Sunday I guess.

  2. Sarthurk,
    Sunday ??? What was on Sunday?

    "2016 VA" blew by today, at a very close distance of 0.20LD (~43k miles)

    "2016 UR36" wandered past on the 31st, at 1.30LD

    "2016 UQ36" on the 24th at 1.03LD

    And finally, "2016 UD" almost scraped the paint job on the 17th, at 0.19LD !!!

  3. I saw that story earlier. In the words of Spock it was "fascinating".
    If you are in to that sort of thing and haven not read it, check out "Lucifer's Hammer".


  5. Getting back on topic:

    Irish posted:
    "... see how miserably LBJ's "Great Society" has failed."

    Failed doesn't even began to accurately describe how badly flawed LBJ's Great Society from its conception.

    And what makes it even worse, a catastrophic failure at a cost of $22 Trillion in taxpayer dollars!


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