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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Caturday..... Post Number 10,001

  After almost 6 years of my sophomoric posts, silly pictures (boobs, bacon and cats ),

music and politics and with some help of coauthor Jeffery and those of you that have submitted blog fodder, we have hit the publish button a total of  10,001  times.

  The first POST  when I hung out the "TFI" shingle was on 11-16-2010.

I'm not as eloquent as many of my blog friends on the sidebar
so I let them do the heavy writing.  I prefer to go read their thoughts than
try and organize my own.

It's been my pleasure having you all stop by..... Irish

and now for Post 10,001.......


  1. Congrats, Irish! You are still the bestest! :o)

  2. Congratulations on the 10,001 milestone! A couple of years ago a friend began sending links to content on your site and I have recently become a daily visitor. Thanks for your hard work and good luck on the next 10,001 posts.

  3. First 10M hits, now you've gone over 10k posts. Awesome! Congrats, brother.

    Whitehall, NY

  4. Well done!
    Except I must disagre - there is nothing silly about boobs and bacon. Cats maybe. :)

  5. You must have found the magic combination.
    Congrats and here's to the next 40,000.

  6. Pussy, boobs and bacon.

    Way to keep me mentally stimulated Man!

    Here's to the next ten thousand.


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