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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

“Office of Public Engagement”. Really?.. Yup... Your Tax Dollars At Work...

 Short explanation.. 

 I got the following from a reader that works in a local mASSachusetts city.

They have been getting reports and requests to attend seminars on

 " Opportunities for Advancing Climate Resilience"

#because global warming/ water lever rise.

This was the cover letter that was sent out:



President Obama has taken unprecedented steps to enhance preparedness for the impacts of climate change across the United States.  Today we are building upon this legacy by releasing a Resilience Opportunities Report that outlines key opportunities for advancing climate resilience moving forward.  We are also announcing a new initiative, Resilience Dialogues, an online, consultative service to support communities in their resilience planning, and a commitment from the higher-education community to ensure that the next generation of professionals are prepared to design and build for extreme weather events and the impacts of climate change.   

The report describes the strong foundation that the Administration has built over the last eight years to enhance climate resilience, acknowledges that we have more work to do, and outlines three areas where opportunities exist for innovation and collaboration moving forward.  These areas include advancing and applying science-based data, technology, and tools; integrating climate resilience into Federal agency missions, operations, and culture; and supporting communities to enhance climate resilience.  You can find the full report here, and for more information about the report and our other new announcements, please check out the White House Fact Sheet below and here.  

You are also invited to join an off-the-record briefing call TODAY at 3:00pm (ET) to learn more from senior White House officials. Click here to RSVP for the call.

We encourage your participation and please feel free to extend this invite to your organization and network.  If you have any specific questions before the off-the-record call, please contact us at XXXXXXXXX. If you or your organization puts out any statements about this announcement, please be sure to send them our way.

Thanks for the support and we hope you are able to join us for the call! 

All the best,
Mark Antoniewicz
Office of Public Engagement
White House Council on Environmental Quality


Did you catch that? "OFFICE OF PUBLIC ENGAGEMENT"? 

Now what the hell is that you ask??  keep reading to find out.......


Office of the Press Secretary
October 31, 2016

FACT SHEET: Obama Administration Highlights Opportunities for Building Community Climate Resilience across the Nation

Today, the Council on Climate Preparedness and Resilience released its “Resilience Opportunities” report, describing key Administration accomplishments and highlighting opportunities for Federal agencies and stakeholders to work together on a shared climate resilience agenda.

The Obama Administration and communities across the country have taken unprecedented steps to enhance preparedness for the impacts of climate change. Federal leaders have responded to input from governors, mayors, county officials, Tribal leaders, and other stakeholders to advance climate resilience.  In addition, the Administration has taken action to integrate climate-risk considerations into Federal operations, improve access to climate data, information, and tools, and invest in building more climate-resilient communities.

Climate variability and change impact key economic sectors and the livelihoods of citizens. In the last decade, the Federal Government incurred direct costs of over $357 billion due to extreme weather and wildfires and the financial risks of climate change will continue to grow significantly in the coming decades. Instead of waiting to respond, the Federal Government is committed to working with communities to anticipate and reduce the future damages of climate change.

Today’s “Resilience Opportunities” report builds on lessons learned and outlines three major areas where opportunities exist for innovation, economic growth, and collaboration: through application of science-based data and tools, support for community resilience initiatives, and integration of climate resilience into Federal agency missions, operations, and culture. The full report, “Opportunities to Enhance the Nation’s Resilience to Climate Change,” can be found here.

One of the opportunities identified in the report is working with stakeholders to enhance the usability of climate information. Today, the White House Office of Science & Technology Policy is announcing the launch of a public-private collaboration designed to address this need. A diverse set of private, governmental, academic, and nonprofit collaborators today are launching the beta version of the Resilience Dialogues, an online, consultative service to support communities in their resilience planning. The Resilience Dialogues collaboration enables community leaders to engage in facilitated, expedited, and tailored discussion with scientists, practitioners, and other subject-matter experts. The Resilience Dialogues service will also help communities identify their climate risks and navigate information that will empower them to better prepare and adapt. This public-private collaboration will be coordinated by the U.S. Global Change Research Program and the American Geophysical Union’s Thriving Earth Exchange with support from the Kresge Foundation. A full list of organizations participating in this collaboration can be found here.

Today’s report also identifies the opportunity to encourage comprehensive preparedness, including by increasing resilient design and construction.  In support of this goal, today the Administration is announcing a coalition of 97 colleges, universities, associations, and academic centers around the country that are committing to ensure that the next generation of design professionals are prepared to design and build for extreme weather events and the impacts of climate change.  This commitment builds on the leadership of many educators around the country who have already begun incorporating resilience and climate preparedness into their respective programs. In addition to these commitments, Federal departments and agencies are announcing new actions to support educational efforts on resilient design, including new research on interdisciplinary approaches to educating on resilient design and new resources to increase awareness of how resilience can be applied in design and construction.


Ok,, so that was the press release.. then I went and googled  The Office of Public Engagement:


Go ahead and check out the page and read the "ABOUT" statement

Also check out the headings of the OPE NEWS just below that....

 I'll wait. 

Ok, if your back now... aren't you glad your money is being well spent?

How much transparency, accessibility and dialogue have you experienced?



  1. Thanks, Irish,
    Now I have to go take the never ending "rape shower" - I'll never be clean again......

    I missed where Soros is listed as an admin on that site. I'm sure it is there, just written in invisible ink - drawn from the jugular of a new born.
    Yup - inclusion, integration, hopey-changey rainbows and fucking unicorns. All the buzz words the left just loves to shove down your throat while they are jamming their agenda up your ass. Funny, all of their inclusiveness seems to be aimed at latinos only. The rest of you heathen bastards must accept them, no matter the cost.
    Removing all of the politicians and lawyers may not fix everything - but it is a hell of a start.

  2. This administration can't get out of office soon enough. I guess the bright side is all these bureaucrat fools are self identifying for the pink slip when sane people finally get to be in charge.

  3. "... have taken unprecedented steps..."
    Unprecedented because they are over-the-top, unnecessary, impractical, feel-good, zero-impact on the climate, steps. How do so many "highly" educated punks get punked on junk science? Nothing we do changes the climate any significant amount. Stop wasting our tax dollars on preposterous lies.


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