Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Forklift Fails........


  1. I used to work for a paper mill in the Los Angeles area. You could not put a gun to a forklift
    operators head and make them turn around to see if anyone is behind them before backing up.
    We had two production personnel end up a crushed foot and ankle within a single year. One
    dork raise his forks too high and took out a sprinkler pipe in the warehouse. In trying to
    save the paper, the moron shut off the wrong riser. About a half million in damage ensued.
    They made him a tour boss (Shift supervisor.) At another paper mill, a pot smoking fork-
    lift operator in shipping drove off the loading dock TWICE! He became shipping manager.

    1. Let's see, three plywood mills. A lumber mill. Similar experiences. Better to be a forklift driver than anyone else on the floor on foot. Glad I decided to be a marine biologist instead.

  2. With thirty years forklift experience under my belt all I can say is they are all morons....with that tommrow I will inadvertently drive off the dock with mine.....


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