Wednesday, November 2, 2016

October Gun Sales Break Previous Records

There were 2.3 MILLION FBI background checks for the purpose of purchasing firearms in October (not including purchases made by Concealed Carry, FOID, pistol licenses, or similar holders who bought guns). That figure along with the previous record setting nine months should speak volumes to all politicians of just how distrusting Americans are of the whole .gov gambit. The record gun and ammo sales since Ovomit came to power is resounding vote of "no confidence". Sadly, TPTB either choose to ignore such warning signs or they are too ignorant to see what is coming. The looming fear held by a large number of Americans that the fecal matter could hit the oscillator at any time in the form of a Greece style economic meltdown, terrorist attack on the power grid, or that their city or neighborhood could go full "Shaka Zulu" for a myriad of reasons or simply for no reason at all have prompted these sales. Whatever happens or if things stay relatively calm for the next few years, I take comfort in knowing that most of my friends, relatives, and neighbors are armed, trained, and well provisioned. I hope many other Americans have made those types of preparations, but am afraid many have not. A few days still remain to buy that gun you have been putting off buying, pick up a few more magazines, or purchase some extra ammo you might need. I am not saying these things will not be around after the elections as they probably will, but if they are available the prices for such items will be inflated indefinitely.  .


  1. When you think you have enough...double it.

  2. When you think you have enough...double it.

  3. Whatever happens next week, 50% of Americans will be unhappy about the outcome.
    The true test of what is left of our system of government will be our reaction.
    Do we go feral and burn down everything?
    Do we passively accept the status quo?
    Either way it will be a colossal cluster fuck.


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