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Monday, October 31, 2016

More Reason To Keep Hillary Out Of The Whitehouse....


The “Basket of Deplorables” – Waiting for Hillary’s Revenge


 This was posted in a comment over at Marketwatch:

Stephen Foster writes:

Let us hope that Huma has upended the opening of the Horror Show of the millennium -- starring Hillary Hugo Chavez Clinton staggering around the Oval Office refreshing her late morning martini; with a supporting cast of William Jefferson Clinton playing "Bill the Sexual Predator", cigar in hand prowling the White House halls in search of a teenage intern (based on a true story), and a cameo with Chelsea wandering around her $6,000,000 Manhattan penthouse asking herself who her real
father is. The Sopranos without the class or the charm.

Weiner and Lady Weiner, perusing the long list of Clinton helpers cast into flames, no doubt are reviewing witness protection programs.

Read the post here:



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