Monday, July 29, 2013

"Anonymous" sends Cops to Salem Ma Woman's House over.............


SALEM, Mass. (WHDH) -- A mother’s video posted on Facebook caused concern and police showed up at the family’s Salem home.
Taylor Grey makes organic fruit smoothies for her children. On special occasions she adds some fizz. Grey jokingly calls it a cocktail.
“They feel like they’re grownup and like it’s a party and we let them choose their garnish or whatever -- it’s just a fun kind of thing,” said Grey.

Grey uploaded a video of her son pretending to be a superhero with a “beer”. Soon after police arrived at her door. Someone had filed an anonymous tip that Grey was serving alcohol to her children.
“He came up, saw that my home is a normal, nurturing home, and my kids are very sober,” said Grey.
“There was no evidence alcohol was being served. It was ginger ale laced with some strawberry,” said Lt. Marc Berube of the Salem police department.

.....Some people need to MYOFB


  1. And some people need to not post every farking thing on Facebook.

    1. I agree, and that's why I no longer have a Facebook page.


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