Friday, August 2, 2013

OH SHit!

Here's the news article:

GREENSBURG Indiana - A truck driver and his 7-year-old son were able to walk away with just a few scratches after the driver's semi went airborne across a highway and landed in a fiery crash Thursday afternoon.
Ryan Young, 30, was driving his semi tractor trailer rig in Greensburg, Indiana, crossing the U.S. 421 after exiting the I-74, when another vehicle began to drift into his lane.

Young swerved to avoid the other vehicle and he ended up running off the south side of the interstate.

The semi ran up a hill, then through a guardrail.

Another truck driver happened to have his camera recording, and Young’s semi can be seen going airborne across U.S. 421 before hitting another guardrail, and bursting into flames.

The hit caused the fuel tank to tear off, and the fuel caught fire.

Young suffered minor injuries to his face and his head.

His 7-year-old son, who was a passenger in the semi, only suffered a few scratches. Both were taken to Decatur County Hospital for treatment.

The crash remains under investigation.


  1. That's a ride they will never forget. Thank God they are alright.

  2. As a professional big rig steering wheel holder of nearly 20 years, something doesn't seem right about this driver's side of the story. Also, I pass through this exact area a couple of times a day, five days a week on my way to and from Cincinnati.

    In other words, I smell bullshit. I will study this interchange sunday and post a full report at my place detailing my fundings and why I think we ain't getting the truth here.

  3. For those who cannot wait, it starts at about 3:25


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