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Saturday, August 3, 2013

That'll Teach 'im....


  1. Yeah...
    "Shit....shit.....SHIT!" Exactly, dumbass.

    I need to set this up and watch it every once a day to remind me not to ride like an asshole...

    I'm a (relatively) safe rider, but a graphic reminder occasionally is useful...

    Thanks for the educational video...


  2. Feel bad for the truck drivers. They probably have one or two million accident-free miles behind them and this inconsiderate twatwaffle comes along and wipes that out. Guy's lucky he didn't get eaten by those tires, too.

  3. What a spastic douche. Looked to me like he had plenty of time to adjust...

  4. Looks like a case of ass-fault.

  5. Believe it or not lane splitting is legal in California. I have only doe it once that I remember, because the traffic was totally stopped. I followed a motorcycle cop through the blockage.

    I understand it is legal there because of air cooled police motorcycles way back in the day.

    Here is the California guide on the subject. For the most part automobile drivers give more birth when they see a bike moving up behind them and are use to seeing it done.


  6. Unfortunately, brains aren't standard issue with motorcycle endorsements on DLs. Whatcha bet zippy doesn't do that stupid shit again?

  7. The rider was clearly a douche.

  8. There is actually a lever on the handlebar which works to slow / stop forward motion; when combined with a neat pedal down by one's foot, these mechanisms are quite good st stopping a bike without hitting things. He must not have read the manual.

  9. absolutely zero sympathy. not one speck.


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