Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Bearcat Coming To Concord NH?

How does and Where does the DHS get a quarter million dollars to hand out grants for
stuff like this? Why are many police depts getting these vehicles?

Concord has received a nearly $260,000 federal grant to purchase a BearCat – an armored rescue vehicle that provides protection against weapons as strong as military-grade, .50-caliber bullets.
If the city council votes to accept the grant next month, the vehicle will arrive at the Concord police station within nine months. Police Chief John Duval said it will provide needed protection and security in emergency situations.
“It allows law enforcement to get up close to incidents where previously it was a more difficult task to do,” he said. “You had to rely on cover and concealment and . . . that could take time to plan because you don’t know what threat you have up a driveway or down a roadway.”
The vehicle itself doesn’t have weapons. Formally called the Lenco “BearCat” Model G3, its large armored portion sits atop a Ford truck.
“So it’s literally a box of armor on wheels that offers protection,” Duval said.

Here are a couple editorials I found that are questioning these decisions:

New Hampshire is regularly named among the safest states in the nation. Its capital, Concord, has all the ills of any city in America but, for the most part, in miniature. It, too, has been cited as a safe place to live. So even if it comes as a gift from federal taxpayers, does the city need a $260,000 military-style BearCat armored personnel carrier? The city council should think carefully before accepting this gift because psychologically the BearCat could prove to be a Trojan horse. REST HERE

and another editorial:

I was told today the Concord City Council will hold a public hearing August 12, 2013 at 7:00 PM, and one agenda item is the discussion and acceptance of a grant of nearly $260,000.00 for an armored military vehicle that will be used by the police department for serious police matters.
In previous letters, statements, and discussions with the Concord Police Chief, he justified the grant request as a much needed item by the police for officer safety and he used examples of where similar vehicles have been used or needed prior in New Hampshire, including a shooting in Concord. One additional flawed reason was the failed Greenland incident in which police officers were shot, and one killed. Let this be my prime example.  THE REST HERE

There are many more reactions if you just google Concord NH Bearcat or

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  1. apparently these bearcats are quite popular with NH police forces. Did anyone ask the police chief when any of his officers were involved in any action that might even remotely have required an armored vehicle?


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