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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Meanwhile in Japan......


  1. When you look at the cost to do the JCI, it's the best place for them! Friend over there had an Impala SS 1996 model, it was going to cost him $#0K to JCI it!!!

  2. I'd love to have that Trans Am....

  3. What NFO said.

    Most were left behind by American military guys.

  4. Look at the cars, they have the "extra" side marker lights for use in the Japanese area. It prolly cost too much money to keep them in " new" condition that the Japanese authorities insisted on to be legal to drive. I have seen the same thing when I was in Europe. I would love to get those cars, but the cost of transportation would be unreal, gotta pay all the government taxes and fees.

  5. That is sad :(
    Had to laugh at his Suzuki comment...

  6. Without checking under hoods and chassis, would it be possible they were stolen and used for engines / parts?


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