Saturday, June 15, 2013

Titanium Coated Brass Balls on The Tail Of The Dragon.....


  1. Not really big balls. It's a goldwing--they're powerful and incredibly maneuverable. I think the camera-bike pilot would go faster himself if he'd use his body and the throttle to lean the bike further, keep it up on the suspension, and turn tighter. Braking later and harder then accelerating sooner and more smoothly helps hugely, too.

  2. If you've never been there, 'highlights' can be found here.
    If you have, your photo might be here.

    Just don't end up here...
    Lot of amazing riding in that area, and millions of obnoxious motorcycle owners know it.

  3. Feral,
    Check out some of the video on the web from the road race on Isle of Mann. Those cycle rides are NUCKING FUTZ.



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