Tuesday, June 11, 2013

More Stupidity in this country ... 19 Year Old + The Year 1971 + Egg Fight = Lose your Guns 40 years later!! WTF??

HARTFORD -- A longtime gun owner who recently had his permit revoked over a 1971 Halloween egg fight was the inspiration for an amendment to the state's new gun law.
James E. Gorham, a 61-year-old Norwalk gun collector and target shooter, received a letter in January ordering him to turn in his guns; his one instance of teenage mischief disqualified him from legal gun ownership.
"I was first contacted by the Norwalk Police Department before I got a certified letter from the State Police," said Gorham, a businessman. "It was a real surprise. They told me I had been involved in domestic violence and I told them, `You've got the wrong person.' "
The letter referred to a misdemeanor charge for the egg fight, for which Gorham paid a $10 fine when he was 19.
So Gorham, manager of customer service and sales for the Norwalk Compressor Co., turned in his seven handguns to state police at Troop G in Bridgeport.


  1. Farooking Bullshit. Amnesty bill will let illegals with 2 misdemeanor get citizenship. Big Sis can granta waiver for 3 or more. Taking away our rights while appeasing illegals and the offended.

  2. Ya can't turn in what got lost in a canoe tipping accident, I'm just sayin'.
    This is the kind of bullshit we can keep on expecting. Notice in the article that they actually went looking for such trumped up reasons, clear back to 1971 apparently, then actually spent the time to track the guy down.

    For throwing eggs, in nineteen seventy fucking one.

    I was eleven years old. If they pulled that shit on me Lord knows what they would find.

  3. @Feral,
    The MA Supreme Judicial Court just issued a similar ruling. It's the case of PhD holding school district administrator wanting a pistol for self defense when he works his 2nd job.

  4. IF he, or anybody else turns their guns in for that kind of bullshit tactics from the jackbooted crowd, well, the sheep shouldn't be allowed to have guns anyway.


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