Thursday, June 13, 2013

Farewell America , We hardly knew ya....

It was a good run....  

.... go peruse the comments.

White majority in U.S. gone by 2043


  1. Shit like we are going to make it to 2043. When in the history of the world have Whites been the majority?

    If I was a minority I would be afraid because the White race in general thrives when they are outnumbered. As a race White boys are like typical Norse warriors. All happy and drunk until things get serious then cities evaporate and continents tremble.

    The examples that could be listed are almost too numerous to fit in a book.

  2. What the hell. Humanity may be gone by then. Pollution, over population, religious nutbags, global warming? societal collapse, riots, crime, earhquakes, tsunamis, starvation, disease. Don't forget zombies! I worry about running out of beer!

    1. Shit rat, I forgot about the zombies! ha!

  3. Another "study" from the lefties...... Just like global warming was going to "destroy the planet" 10 years ago.


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