Friday, June 14, 2013

The Dark Hedges Sunrise

Just  a neat picture I found on the web. After a little research I was surprised to see
it is a stretch of road in Ireland.  Has anyone been there?

Some more great pics and a description is HERE


  1. Beautiful spot - Ireland is on my bucket list....

  2. If you have an IP locator in your software you'll know I'm in Ireland now.

    I've been traveling back and forth between NJ and Ireland since 1968 and I thought I'd been down every road and boreen (dirt lane) on the island, but have seen this. The location is actually in Ulster or Northern Ireland (UK territory) as compared to the Republic of Ireland or Southern Ireland.

    My daughter was born in Ireland and is attending college in Cork come next September. I'm headed back to a new place I bought in North Carolina (foot of the smokies). At 71 I'm calling it quits on 3 or 4 times a year crossing "the pond".

    The Irish countryside has changed over the years. Although there are still some beautiful spots the greedy over-development between 1998 and 2009 destroyed lots of the scenic areas. The Irish believing in building "estates" clusters of condo-like buildings rather than single houses on plenty of property. This gives many areas the effect of ghettoization blighted areas.

    But if you haven't been here before, feel free to come on over. But bring plenty of moola and warm clothes. Today (6/15) is showery and about 60 degrees. That's a normal late spring or even summer day. Prices in Ireland are in Euro which is now trading at about $1.32 to €1. Costs are bolstered by a 23&1/2% country-wide sales tax (V.A.T.) which is included in the cost of items.


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