Thursday, June 13, 2013

ABC Family Channel Introduces A New Typical All American Family Drama......

It does look like they have all the bases covered with a new show called "The Fosters"
( see the bottom of this post)

Here are some show ideas or possible scenes in future episodes: 

The following is my sarcastic side:

 One of the kids will come out of the closet and is hailed a hero.

One of the kids turns in a school mate for having a toy gun and 
is voted valedictorian.

One of the kids is named Carl but is confused and wants to wear skirts
use the girl's room and be called Carly.

The 14 year old girl has sex and goes, on her own, to get the morning after pill.

One episode has the family struggle with high heat that changes to extreme
cold followed by drought then horrible storms all due to Global warming.
Al Gore guest appearance. 

The women foil a murderous rampage by a Tea Party Member. They keep him occupied
( by making out) until the police show up. 

The family joins a gym ( guest appearance by Mooshelle as a personal trainer)

The family maid is an illegal alien that they are trying to bring out of the shadows.
Her family comes to visit and never leaves. ( There will be a spin-off show for them.)


Other things to add:

They drive Chevy volts with Obama-Biden, Coexist and PETA stickers.

The kids have a baby unicorn that shits skittles. 

On vacation the hotel has Korans in the nightstand drawer.

One scene could be the family driving by the local mosque and waving.

Another could be a scene with them only buying organic vegetarian/ tofu/ soy
products at Whole Foods.

The back yard scene has a wind mill and the house has solar panels and 
photovoltaic panels.

What else would you suggest for episodes/ scenes?? 


THIS .. is the real show:


The Fosters is an American drama series on ABC Family that premiered on June 3, 2013. Produced by Jennifer Lopez and her production company Nuyorican Productions, the series follows the lives of the Foster family, an interracial lesbian couple who are married and raising biological and adoptive children together.

From The Furious Frenchman


  1. Which of the "kid's" is the result of a Turkey baster?

  2. American culture has officially jumped the shark.

  3. TV has already become saturated with PC diversity being heavily introduced into once "mainstream" shows. I used to occasionally enjoy a sci-fi show, Warehouse 13 because it was offbeat and creative in bringing to "life" historical artifacts with weird powers. I had some free time this week and tuned in to a new season offering -- as almost it's main theme was the struggle for one of the minor stars who was forced to work with his former homosexual lover...pathetic corruption of an otherwise "sexless" show (that I have now quit watching).

  4. Oh, June and Ward Cleaver - Where ARE You?


  5. Still can't figure out if this is a satire /sarc or not....except for the part about unicorns and skittles. I guess the first part is a satire (the description -- in quotes) -- but the show is real. Am I right?

  6. da fuq? This is why I quit watching television (for the most part). I grew up with Andy Griffith, The Waltons, Little House On The Prairie and those fine folks from Hee-Haw. This is a complete 180° turn from those days. This isn't entertaining or educational, this is pure propaganda. The liberal elite have an agenda, and they are advancing it aggressively. A large portion of so called "conservatives" are acquiescing because DIVERSITY© and MULTICULTURALISM®!!!! Screw that, I'll stick to my God and guns and Dukes Of Hazzard, and if that makes me a racist, homophobic islamophobe, I think I can live with that.

  7. Scenario #1 - adopted son commits suicide after being serially gang raped at Boy Scout jamboree.
    Scenario #2 - both lesbians are hospitalized due to latex poisoning.
    Scenario #3 - one of the lesbians file for divorce due to adultery but they are reconciled after the other lesbian finally gives up relationship with female Episcopalian transgender minister.


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