Wednesday, June 12, 2013

First Off... WTF?? Watch How Long This Goes On Before Cops Show Up.....

Secondly... Watch as people just continue on like nothing is wrong....

only in San Francisco... .WTF??

Can you imagine if he decided to do people harm?


  1. remember kiddos the government will keep you safe.
    I see some so called men in there but nothing.

  2. I see BART has non-existent security.

  3. Lived in the bay area for 10 years. Testosterone is banned in San Francisco proper. He is a tourist, obviously. Too much energy for to be a salad/tofu consuming resident. He probably broke after going through a protein/bacon/beer dry spell. Their pacifist mentality is just another nail in their coffin because it keeps them from Tazing/pepper spraying him because that would be cruel. My guess is they eventually loured the guy into a trap using beef/bacon/pork they rented from the closest butcher in Santa Rosa and then committed him to a 12 step aggression and a 12 step vegetarian program. The victims of course were sentenced to community service for being insensitive.


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