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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Verizon Tech Tom's Exit Interview........it winz!


  1. Always awesome to leave a Job you'd be ashamed to mention on a resume anyway.

    I worked for cutco knives during a stint of unemployment. They had a bunch of bullshit propaganda they wanted me to do. I wasn't making much money with them so I decided to streamline my pitch so I could better spend my time getting drunk for no money than doing bullshit for no money.

    When the manager called me into her office to reprimand me she threatened to decrease my sales percentage if I didn't fly right.

    I said "Fuck you then!" Threw my paperwork on the desk and walked out.

    Felt good.

  2. Wow. He not only burned the bridge, he nuked it from orbit.

  3. Thanks Weer'd and Shep for the LOLZ!

  4. I spent quite a while doing tech support, and I can empathize completely.
    Someone once referred to tech support as "the Turkish prisons of the IT world." I'd like to add that the techs on the phone are the towel boys in that Turkish prison.

  5. Some have suggested I do "tech support" as a side job.

    I'd rather be the brother being walked in on. I have so many stories from early in my career it's hard to say who was worst...

    Most MADDENING however were the "first level" or "second level" techs who SHOULD have been capable of making sure the machine AT LEAST got rebooted before I got pulled off of REAL, IMPORTANT CRAP to have the user reboot...

    I'd rather perform/undergo a do-it-yourself-"gender-reassignment" surgery than EVER deal with such morons again!


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