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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Secret 10-Story Space Rocket Buried in the Swamps of Florida

 I like this kind of stuff and with the power of the webz you can enjoy reading about and seeing pictures of some really neat stuff.

Check this out:

Its from a Book Called  "The Forbidden Tourist"

There’s a secret in the swamp and it’s a big one. Roosting in a 180 foot-deep hole is the largest solid rocket booster ever built. When I say large, I mean big – really big: 10 stories tall and about 20 feet wide. This was a rocket that was originally intended to carry men to the moon, but it never made it out of the tomb that still conceals it.

More "HERE" 


I did a little youtubing and found this video:


  1. Interesting information, thanks.

  2. It might have been cooler with the music theme, "All Your Base Are Belong to Us" but it was still great.

    BTW - having also seen the abandoned, rusting and rotting military silos and 'secret' sites of Russia - there are dozens! - I wonder if it would make a good sci-fi plot? The Russians and the US are both aware of secret rocket developments going on in the Cold War era, and both countries sabotage one another's hidden silos with hybrid flesh-eating fungi which have a life span of only 72 hours... spores are delivered via the ground level air intake systems, workers are all reduced to greasy pulps of decomp after 12 to 24 hours, the fungi themselves die out after 72, leaving no trace... the governments seal off the sites to maintain deniability that they ever existed since the warheads of the missiles could have wiped out half of the world's populace...

  3. Fascinating. Guess it would be just too expensive to remove/disassemble the thing.

  4. About ten years ago I did some training at the Metropolitan State Hospital site. We trained inside and out, and in the basements. No power, no light, no anything except abandoned buildings. Some furniture, not much.

    It was eerie to say the least, thinking about what must have gone on in those warehouses for the insane and those just thought to be insane.

    The training in the basement was done with IR lights and NVGs. That was scary.

  5. Warning! I followed the link and something tried to infect my PC with one of those "We found malware on your computer. Click OK for us to fix it" type trojans. As soon as that message popped up in my browser, I used task manager to kill it. I sure wasn't going to press the OK button.

  6. Good morning Joe,

    Which link did you click?

    I have not had an issue with either one of them. Has anyone else?

    I use microsoft security essentials as well as scanning with Malwarewarebytes every few days.

    There have not been any issues that come up.

    Sorry if you did :(


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